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The 6th ABU Media Summit on Climate Action and Disaster Prevention themed Post COP26 Action to Save the Planet: Media Solutions for Sustainable Future, held three weeks after the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26), is a proactive event which not only seeks to address the UN Secretary-General’s ‘call to action’, but also to provide participants with an overview of the COP26 conference outcomes and next steps. This information is designed to enable journalists and content makers to better understand the socio-politico nature of COP26 and to more deeply immerse themselves in reporting on the outcomes and issues arising from the event. It is vital that media practitioners are part of the conversation and be the gateway in analysing and disseminating vital information from COP26 to readers, listeners and viewers in their home countries. However, we haven’t fully utilized the immense power and reach of media for educating broad audiences about climate change adaptation, mitigation and disaster prevention and preparedness. The Summit aims to change that. We hope that the sixth edition of the Summit will accelerate the media engagement for saving lives and building resilient communities. For more information please contact the Head of Secretary-General’s Office Ms Natalia Ilieva at: natalia@abu.org.my

Program Schedule

  • Post COP26 Action to Save the Planet: Media Solutions for Sustainable Future

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